The History of The Types of Salad

Salads – the best food for those on a diet or looking to be healthy while also being the bane of veggie hating children and fast food lovers across the world. A salad is either good or bad depending on who you talk to, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a staple on tables and spawning several different types.

But where did all these types of salad come from, and which one do you give your guests when it comes time to offer your guests salad? Well, we’ve got the answers for you!

The Caesar Salad

offer your guests saladmatter when you eat it.

While it wasn’t created in Rome or by the emperor that shares its name, a Caesar salad is simply greens with some type of dressing. Its origin is disputed, with some people saying it was invented by a desperate chef named Caesar in Tijuana. When he was running low on food, he tossed together leftovers into a salad. This salad would later evolve into Caesar’s salad.

However, others claim that the salad wasn’t invented in Mexico, but was invented by a cook in Chicago, and was in fact named after Julius Caesar. The facts of the origin are still disputed to this day, but everyone can agree it’s a good salad no matter when you eat it.

The Cobb Salad

This one is a bit fuller on the toppings than Caesar salads and is typically made with diced ingredients such as chicken, eggs, and tomatoes. Once again, it was created with leftovers by a restaurant manager named Bob Cobb. The story goes he was exhausted and walked to the fridge to fix up a meal. That meal was the salad, and Bob later made a remark about it to a promoter.

The promoter tried the salad, liked it, and began promoting it to everyone he could. Since the man was good at his job, we now have cobb salad! Much like the Caesar salad story, its origins are also disputed, but it’s also a good salad.

The Dressing of the Salad

Salad dressing has been around as long as mixed greens have been because most of the time mixed greens are rather dull or bitter. The ancient worlds of the Romans and Greeks used salt, vinegar, and oil to dress their salads. The French began to use mayonnaise, and the Americans used lemons, spices, and oils.

Now the salads can be dressed up any way you choose. It’s all based on personal taste and desires, and you can customize salads with a lot of stuff. Do you want more vegetables, less meat, more cheese, and less dressing? As long as the salad has a bed of lettuce that it sits on, you can make as many additions or substitutions you like and still call it a salad.

Eventually, you’ll find a salad combination of flavors that works for you. Soon eating one won’t be a chore, but instead something you end up looking forward too with every single meal.